Bimodal Casting Process of Eco-Mg Series Alloys by Vertical High-Speed Press Machine

  • Fabrizio D’ErricoEmail author
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Ultimate advancements in non-flammable magnesium alloys (the so-called Eco-Mg alloys series, acronym of Environment Conscious Magnesium) have been recently achieved. Preliminary laboratory tests have been already confirmed safe window parameters (i.e. exposure time and maximum melting temperature) for processing Eco-Mg AZ91D-1.5CaO alloy in full liquid state. Further project challenge has been now completed; Eco-Mg samples have been realized in special novel pre-industrial vertical 4-column press machine, designed and constructed for processing Eco-Mg series alloys in air by two routes, by high-pressure die casting and by semisolid state injection. An external rotating stirrer finely controlled in temperature, and rotating velocity completes the semisolid process route, allowing Eco-Mg alloy remaining below flame-ignition temperature. Microstructure investigation on samples produced in both high-pressure die casting and semisolid state patterns has been performed. To date, such a bimodal pilot line is thought to introduce affordable industrial way e for producing near-net-shape Mg parts.


Eco-Magnesium alloys Life cycle assessment Recycling Lightweight design CO2 reduction Semisolid process 


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