Corrosion Bending Fatigue of RESOLOY® and WE43 Magnesium Alloy Wires

  • Petra MaierEmail author
  • Adam Griebel
  • Matthias Jahn
  • Maximilian Bechly
  • Roman Menze
  • Benjamin Bittner
  • Jeremy Schaffer
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RESOLOY®, a magnesium resorbable alloy based on Mg–Dy is the focus of this study. Corrosion bending fatigue behavior of RESOLOY wires was investigated with WE43 serving as a reference. Since these wires are developed for absorbable implant applications like stents, clips and anastomotic nails, circulating Ringer solution of 37 °C was used to simulate body conditions. The alloys were first extruded and finally cold-drawn to a wire diameter of 500 µm. Both alloys show very fine grains. The microstructure of WE43 was found homogeneous and equiaxed. RESOLOY shows recrystallized but non-equiaxed grains. RESOLOY is slightly harder than WE43. Both alloys were subjected to strain-controlled fatigue and corrosion fatigue in a sequence which mimicked stent crimping, expansion, and in-vessel cycling. Fatigue life was strongly influenced by corrosion. Fatigue data for RESOLOY highlight the need for further wire processing optimization work that is currently underway.


Magnesium RESOLOY WE43 Corrosion Bending fatigue Corrosion fatigue 



The authors acknowledge the support from Hartmut Habeck (UASS) for the corrosion experiments.


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  • Petra Maier
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  • Adam Griebel
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  • Matthias Jahn
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  • Maximilian Bechly
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  • Roman Menze
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  • Benjamin Bittner
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  • Jeremy Schaffer
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  1. 1.University of Applied Sciences StralsundStralsundGermany
  2. 2.Germany Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp.Fort WayneUSA
  3. 3.MeKo Laserstrahl-Materialbearbeitungen e.K.SarstedtGermany

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