Alloy Design Strategies of the Native Anti-corrosion Magnesium Alloy

  • Tao Chen
  • Yuan YuanEmail author
  • Jiajia Wu
  • Tingting Liu
  • Xianhua Chen
  • Aitao Tang
  • Fusheng Pan
Conference paper
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Application of Mg alloy is limited because of its poor corrosion resistance. Due to low standard electrode potential of Mg, severe galvanic corrosion can happen if other alloyed elements form high electrode potential precipitate in Mg alloy. Moreover, natively formed oxide film on the surface of pure Mg is not compact and cannot hinder further oxidation of inner substrate. In this work, alloy design strategies are proposed to improve the native anti-corrosion property of Mg alloys. The first is to purify the Mg-melt by forming high-density precipitates in the settling process to increase the efficiency of the settling process. The second is to enclose extra impurities in harmless compounds to avoid the severe galvanic corrosion. The third is to control the composites of oxides formed on the surface by alloying defined elements to obtain passivate, close packing oxides film.


Mg alloy Anti-corrosion Alloy design 



The authors thank the fund from the National Key Research and Development Program of China with No. 2016YFB0301100.


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  • Aitao Tang
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