Magnesium Alloy Sheet for Transportation Applications

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Wrought magnesium alloy sheet has a long history in the aerospace sector and more recently has become popular for personal electronic applications, but has yet to make the transition to high-volume applications in the transportation sector. While there are clear market opportunities for magnesium sheet in lightweight vehicles, the adoption of the material has been limited by the price, the limited number of suppliers and distribution channels and the silicothermic production process. Although the use of a multi-stand mill would reduce the conversion cost and thus the price of magnesium sheet, the current market volume cannot justify investment in such an expensive high capacity plant. This paper reviews these factors and describes the possibility of using twin roll casting and a novel single stand mill design as an alternate, cost-effective, method to produce low-cost magnesium alloy sheet to promote its implementation in the transportation market.


Automotive Magnesium Sheet Twin Roll Casting 


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