Impact of Etchant Variables on the Track Parameters in CR-39 Polymer Nuclear Track Detector: A Review

  • Pawan K. DiwanEmail author
Part of the Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials book series (SSPCM)


Nuclear track detector has numerous applications in various fields. The effective use of this detector depends upon the thorough understanding of track parameters of energetic ions. The present study attempts to develop and strengthen this understanding. It describes the various methods to measure bulk etch rate \( \left( {V_{\text{B}} } \right) \) of the detector and track etch rate \( \left( {V_{\text{T}} } \right) \) of the incident ions. Further, it throws light on the other parameters such as bulk activation energy \( \left( {E_{\text{B}} } \right) \), track activation energy \( \left( {E_{\text{T}} } \right) \), sensitivity \( \left( S \right) \), critical angle \( \left( {\theta_{\text{C}} } \right) \) and etching efficiency \( \left( \eta \right) \). Finally, an attempt is made to review the studies related to the impact of different etchants and etchant variables on the different types of CR-39. Based on the observations available in the literature, the comparisons are made among impacts of different etchants on CR-39 and results are compiled. The present review concludes the observations and their relevant impacts.


CR-39 Chemical etching Track etch rate Bulk etch rate Activation energy Sensitivity Etching efficiency Critical angle 


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