• Mirela-Luminița Murgescu


Murgescu examines history education in Romania with reference to the ‘History Textbook Scandal’ of 1999, which occurred in the context of a severe economic and social crisis. With the development of a new curriculum for the 12th grade, a textbook published by a group of young historians at the ‘Sigma Publishing House’ provoked strong debate. The media played an instrumental role in transforming this debate into a public scandal. The debate also revealed the different standards and diverging sensibilities of professional historians, causing damage to the profession’s reputation, and culminated in Education Minister Andronescu’s decision to ban the textbook in 2001. The low profile of subsequent debates reflects the declining prestige of not only history education but the education system as a whole in Romania.

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  1. 1.Modern History and History DidacticsSapienza University of RomeRomaItaly

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