Processor in the Loop for Testing Series Motor Four Quadrants Drive Direct Current Chopper for Series Motor Driven Electric Car

Part1: Chopper Operation Modes Testing
  • S. ArofEmail author
  • N. H. Diyanah
  • N. M. Yaakop
  • P. A. Mawby
  • H. Arof
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 102)


This paper describes the process of testing a four quadrant drive direct current (DC) chopper (FQDC) that controls a DC series motor using the processor in the loop (PIL) technique. The DC motor serves as a propeller to an electric vehicle (EV). The main function of the four quadrant drive chopper is to provide a smooth operation for the electric vehicle(EV) while optimizing battery power consumption and maximizing distance traversed. In the processor in the loop (PIL) test, MATLAB/Simulink environment was used as the platform for the four quadrants drive chopper and electric vehicle, whereas in the hardware part, the FQDC was controlled by three PIC microcontrollers. Serial communication was used as the channel of data transfer between the hardware and software. The simulation results of the ATLAB/Simulink indicate that the FQDC controller was able to control the DC motor that drove the EV. Overall, the PIL technique was suitable for testing and validating the operation of the FQDC, its controllers and the control algorithm.


Direct current drive Electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle Series motor Four quadrant drive chopper 


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  • N. H. Diyanah
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  • N. M. Yaakop
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  • P. A. Mawby
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  • H. Arof
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  2. 2.University of Warwick School of EngineeringCoventryUK
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