Form of Life

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In this chapter, a lack of what Wittgenstein calls “objective certainty” enables further shifting of the subject position and a series of maskings and unmaskings, self-impersonations, and self-corrections. Golub tries on his Jewishness as an Ashke (non)normative ilk-boy in genre fictions and so manifests the anomaly of not/being who or what he is. Themes of comedic masking and assimilation (Lenny Bruce) and of betrayal and forgetting of friendship (Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis) advance the theme of the unsustainable “I.” The “we”-ness of friendship joins the ranks of the other fictional varieties of “we”-ness—family, cancer, Jewishness, history, and origin.


Wittgenstein Objective certainty Un/masking Self-impersonation Self-correction Ashkenazi Jews Jewishness Comic masking Assimilation Lenny bruce Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Friendship Betrayal “we”-ness Family Cancer History Origin 

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