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Unlike writing for peer-review publications (Chap.  7), there is no strict format when it comes to writing reports. Reports can vary in terms of length, style, content, layout, etc. Hence, the exact format that you adopt will ultimately depend on the reason behind why you are writing the report in the first place. For example, a short report is often needed for the purpose of project monitoring. On the other hand, a lengthy, more detailed report is suitable if you want to disclose technical findings and subsequently make recommendations for senior management.

In this chapter, I will discuss the best way on how to tackle report writing. The first part of the chapter aims to give you background information, detailing the three phases that you have to initially go through, prior to writing the actual report. The second part of the chapter gives you practical guidelines on how to write the report itself. Although the actual format will vary from one report to the next, there are some common elements that you should be familiar with, which will be discussed here.


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