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  • Hans-Oliver Rennekampff
  • Christian Herold
  • Norbert HeineEmail author
  • Klaus Ueberreiter


Transplantation of autologous adipose tissue as per Coleman can be subdivided into three phases: harvesting using a blunt, 11G needle, the processing and centrifuging and the return of the fat suspension. Alternate methods of fat transplantation include phase separation through sterile compression and filter-base systems. Those named here include the Shippert process, LipiVage and Revolve System. Systems for enrichment of stroma and stem cells include, amongst other things, the Celution System. Apart from this, the pre-expansion through the external under-pressure expander BRAVA has been described. The BEAULI Protocol serves for the harvesting of large volumes and is mainly based on suctioning using a water jet equipment (“body-jet”).


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