Mechanical, Thermal and Viscoelastic Properties of Polymer Composites Reinforced with Various Nanomaterials

  • T. H. Mokhothu
  • A. MtibeEmail author
  • T. C. MokhenaEmail author
  • M. J. Mochane
  • O. Ofosu
  • S. Muniyasamy
  • C. A. Tshifularo
  • T. S. Motsoeneng


In recent years, nanomaterials played a key role in developing novel polymer nanocomposites with multifunctional properties. Nanomaterials that will be reviewed in this study are nanoclays, carbonaceous (carbon nanotubes and graphene) and nanocellulose. This chapter reviews the effects of nanomaterials and nanomaterials hybrid on mechanical, thermal, rheological and dynamic mechanical properties of polymer nanocomposites. In the last decades, biobased and biodegradable polymers (biopolymers) reinforced with nanomaterials have been a research hotspot. However, this chapter also reviews the recent developments of polymer nanocomposites from biopolymers and nanomaterials.


Nanocomposites Mechanical properties Thermal properties Dynamic mechanical properties Rheological properties Biopolymers 


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