Urban and Well-Being Plan

  • Juanjo GalanEmail author


After delimiting a set of Urban Management Units, the Urban and Well-being Plan of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan defines guidelines to improve the quality and sustainability of compact traditional villages, dispersed housing states and industrial states. These guidelines are based on the following objectives: promotion of multifunctionality; efficient use of the urban land; increase of densities in selected urban sites, improvement of public transport, soft mobility, public spaces and public services, introduction of sustainable building types and definition of coherent green-blue infrastructures. The overall goal is to improve the levels of environmental, social and economic sustainability, decrease the urban ecological footprints and promote more integrated and lively communities. The Urban Plan includes the following pilot projects: (1) Sustainable improvement of the “Pedralbilla-Torre de Portaceli” housing estates; (2) Bank of Urban Spaces.


  1. Galan J (2018) Analysis and strategies for sustainable regional planning: Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan, Spain. Cham-Switzerland, Springer Nature Switzerland AGGoogle Scholar

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