Agriculture Plan

  • Juanjo GalanEmail author


This Agriculture Plan includes a classification of the agricultural mosaic of Sierra Calderona into spatial networks and systems. The permanence of the montane agriculture network in the Sierra Calderona would require the recovery of abandoned fields, the implementation of structural changes in the production, processing and commercialization processes and, finally, the recognition of the environmental role that montane agriculture plays in fire protection. In the plains and foothills, diversification towards more profitable crops and professionalization of agriculture are the key issues for guaranteeing the continuity and economic viability of these agricultural networks and systems. All these aspects are analyzed in the Agriculture Plan of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan that, in addition, includes the delimitation of the most valuable or sensitive agricultural lands, the definition of possible new and more profitable crops and a specific pilot project for the creation of an (Agricultural) Land Bank.


  1. Galan J (2018) Analysis and strategies for sustainable regional planning: Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan, Spain. Cham-Switzerland, Springer Nature Switzerland AGGoogle Scholar

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