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This chapter explains succinctly the basic structure of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan and the different phases that led to the drafting of its Sectoral Plans and Pilot Projects. In addition and after briefly introducing the location and main characteristics of the Sierra Calderona, the chapter summarizes the conclusions of the Analysis and Diagnosis and the Regional Objectives and Strategies of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan, both included in the book Analysis and Strategies  for Sustainable Regional Planning: The Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan, Spain (Galan 2018). This summary will provide the reader with a general understanding of the Sierra Calderona and will help her/him to frame the specific contents of each sectoral plan or pilot project.


  1. Galan J (2018) Analysis and strategies for sustainable regional planning: Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan, Spain. Cham-Switzerland, Springer Nature Switzerland AGGoogle Scholar

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