Boiler (Steam Generator) Modeling

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Thermal power plants consist of a large number of facilities. One major component is the boiler together with the furnace where combustion of the fuel takes place and steam is generated. Boilers produce hot water or steam using thermal energy released by the combustion. Steam at the desired temperature and pressure is used to produce mechanical energy via a steam turbine. Hot water is used in district heating networks. This chapter describes the different models of water-tube boilers (detailed boilers, simplified boilers) and gives a detailed description of the physical equations for each of them: modeling assumptions and fundamental equations. A test-case is provided for each component model that includes the structure of the model, parameterization data, and results of simulation. It is a valuable aid to understand the chemical (combustion) phenomena that govern the operation of power plants and energy processes. It is a main support to develop models for industrial power plants. The full description of the physical equations is independent of the programming languages and tools.

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