The God-Builders

  • Roberto Manzocco
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Certainly, simply living forever and escaping the entropic process that will slowly extinguish our universe cannot be the final goal of Transhumanists, right? After all, what are you going to do with all of that time to fill? Evolution might be the answer, or one of the possible answers. Another one, which will appear to be full of hubris to casual readers – and not just to them, I have to say – would be to become, or to build, God Himself. Not a bad goal, as a way to fill the eternal life that you have just obtained. But, before jumping to conclusions and labeling the entire Transhumanist movement as just plain crazy, bear with me for a moment. In truth, I have at least to point out that Transhumanists are not alone in this dream – that is, the desire to become just like God. They are in good company, actually, as the concept of “theosis” – of being elevated to the level of God – can be found in a number of different Christian denominations, and not just Christian ones at that.

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