Drilling Hydrocarbon Wells

  • Chinthaka P. GooneratneEmail author
  • Bodong Li
  • Max Deffenbaugh
  • Timothy Moellendick
Part of the Smart Sensors, Measurement and Instrumentation book series (SSMI, volume 32)


This chapter describes the general process of drilling a hydrocarbon well and the unique and significant challenges encountered while drilling due to the harsh and challenging environment downhole. In addition to the high temperature, high pressure, highly acidic and corrosive environments encountered in deep wells, there are also the destructive, dynamic conditions, such as high torque, shock and vibration, created by the drill bit grinding and penetrating through rock formations, which makes drilling challenging. The chapter gives an insight into why logging and directional instruments are not only required to acquire measurements but also to provide an accurate representation of the well while drilling over extended periods of time, by surviving the downhole environment.


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