Lucy Finally Understands How Cellphones Work: Ambiguous Digital Technologies in Twin Peaks: The Return and Its Fan Communities

  • Jeffrey FallisEmail author
  • T. Kyle King


Fallis and King examine the surprisingly ubiquitous presence of contemporary digital technology in Twin Peaks: The Return and argue that despite its pervasiveness, such technology plays an ambiguous and often fruitless role in solving the season’s mysteries and resolving its conflicts. The chapter also considers analog technology in the two original seasons of Twin Peaks and that technology’s associations with nostalgia and comfort, and it analyzes David Lynch’s flight from such effects in his unexpected embrace of the possibilities of digital filming, editing, and distribution from the early 2000s to the present. The second half of the chapter investigates the authors’ roles as panelists on the Twin Peaks-themed Wrapped in Podcast and their involvement with online Twin Peaks fan communities in light of their ideas about the limits and advantages of digital technology.


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