MPP SQL Query Optimization with RTCG

  • K. T. SridharEmail author
  • M. A. Sakkeer
  • Shiju Andrews
  • Jimson Johnson
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11297)


Analytics database dbX is a cloud agnostic, MPP SQL product with both DSM and NSM stores. One of the techniques for better micro optimization of SQL query processing is runtime code generation and JIT compilation. We propose a RTCG model that is both query aware and hardware conscious extending analytics SQL query processing to a high degree of intra-query parallelism. Our approach to RTCG, at system level targets to maximize benefits from modern hardware, and at use level focuses on typical, industry type SQL, somewhat different from standard benchmarks. We describe the model, highlighting its novel aspects, techniques implemented and product engineering decisions in dbX. To evaluate the efficacy of the RTCG model, we perform experiments on desktop and cloud clusters, with standard and synthetic benchmarks, on data that is more commensurate in size with industry applications.


SQL Query processing Micro optimization RTCG JIT 



We thank several people; at Bangalore: Pramod Sahu for testing JIT modules and SQL code; Dipanjan Deb and Prajeesh for operational cloud support; at Schaumburg: Jim Benbow for dbX cloud deployment scripts.


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  • Shiju Andrews
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