The Pay Equity Dilemma Women Face Around the World

  • H. Muge Yayla-KulluEmail author
  • Lana McMurray
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“Pay discrepancies are bad for business, and yet they are rife in finance” (Morgan 2018). There has been very recent social movements around the world, especially in service industries to question and reduce the gender pay gap. In this research, we examine the pay equity dilemma women face and how it is different in various regions of the world. Our research focuses on the cultural characteristics (such as power distance, individualism, uncertainty avoidance, and masculinity) and how a society’s norms affect pay inequality. We also go deeper in our discussions regarding the service industries. By better understanding the underlying reasons of pay inequality, changes can be made that will improve not only a business’s bottom-line, but also the quality of lives all around the world.


Gender gap Inequality National culture Services management 


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