A Broader Design Context—The Form/Function Debate in L2A/FLL Research

  • Magdalena WalentaEmail author
Part of the Second Language Learning and Teaching book series (SLLT)


This chapter sets the scene for further discussion by outlining the universal character of the form-function dichotomy in L2A/FLL research. Section 1.2 discusses the roots and manifestations of the form-function dialectic, as present in L1A research. Section 1.3 shows how the dichotomy translates into L2A/FLL studies. Section 1.4 gives the rationale for trying to reconcile both foci in L2A/FLL at the level of theory construction and teaching practice. Section 1.5 provides epistemic and utilitarian justification for introducing formal aspects into L2A/FLL pedagogy, thus further validating the need for the form-function reconciliation.

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