Student Groups Assimilate Despite Campus Resistance in the Early 1990s

  • Patrick Dilley


In the early 1990s, as their status as members of a minority population was codified in many Midwestern universities, non-heterosexual students pressed for increased access to campus programs and services; campus housing and Reserve Officer Training Corps were flash points for college students influenced by ACT UP and Queer Nation. Very visible public demonstrations and protests reminiscent of those in the early 1970s, such as “kiss-ins” and marches, roiled many campuses. Non-heterosexual groups on many campuses joined with other minority student organizations to press for campuses to respond more effectively and efficiently to resolve issues affecting those populations. Campuses analyzed include Michigan State University, University of Michigan, Indiana University, Ohio State University, University of Kansas, University of Iowa, University of Minnesota, and Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.


ROTC ACT UP Queer Nation Campus protests Student government Minority coalitions 

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