High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy of Irradiation Damage in Inconel X-750

  • C. D. JudgeEmail author
  • H. Rajakumar
  • A. Korinek
  • G. Botton
  • J. Cole
  • J. W. Madden
  • J. H. Jackson
  • P. D. Freyer
  • L. A. Giannuzzi
  • M. Griffiths
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The effects of irradiation on Inconel® (Inconel is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation and its subsidiaries) X-750, have been shown to lead to embrittlement and intergranular fracture. This is now widely accepted to be a result of intergranular helium bubbles over the fluence range studied. This paper provides a quantitative assessment and a detailed discussion of the radiation-induced defects including; helium bubbles (size and density distribution, and grain boundary area fraction), dislocation loops and stacking fault tetrahedra, and the disordering and dissolution of secondary gamma prime precipitates. The microstructural evolution will be presented and discussed as a function of dose (from ~5.5 to ~80 dpa), helium concentration (~1300 to ~25,000 appm helium), and irradiation temperature (~120–280 to ~300–330 °C).


Radiation damage Helium embrittlement Inconel x-750 TEM 


Acknowledgements and Collaborating Partners

The work presented in this manuscript was supported by the Canadian Nuclear Laboratory Science and Technology Program, the CANDU Owners Group Joint Projects 4363, 4452 and 4491. The work was performed, in part, using instrumentation provided by the Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy, Fuel Cycle R&D Program and the Nuclear Science user Facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the National Scientific User Facilities Industrial Program via Idaho National Laboratories. Microscopy was performed, in part, using instrumentation at Westinghouse Electric Company, LCC, the Canadian Centre of Electron Microscopy at McMaster University, and at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.


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  • G. Botton
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  • J. Cole
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  • J. W. Madden
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  • J. H. Jackson
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  • P. D. Freyer
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  • L. A. Giannuzzi
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  • M. Griffiths
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  1. 1.Canadian Nuclear LaboratoriesChalk RiverUSA
  2. 2.McMaster UniversityHamiltonCanada
  3. 3.Idaho National LaboratoryIdaho FallsUSA
  4. 4.Westinghouse Electric CorporationCranberry TwpUSA
  5. 5.LA Giannuzzi & AssociatesFort MyersUSA

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