Emulating Neutron-Induced Void Swelling in Stainless Steels Using Ion Irradiation

  • C. SunEmail author
  • L. Malerba
  • M. J. Konstantinovic
  • F. A. Garner
  • S. A. Maloy
Conference paper
Part of the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series book series (MMMS)


Self-ion irradiation is currently being used to explore the relative void swelling resistance of various candidate advanced alloys for a wide variety of nuclear systems, including light water reactor (LWR) reactors. The credibility of using this surrogate irradiation technique to evaluate potential in-reactor behavior requires that certain facets of neutron-induced behavior be reproduced in the ion simulation. Of particular importance is the ability of ion irradiation to produce the anticipated post-transient swelling rates for fcc and bcc iron-base alloys characteristic of reactor irradiation at ~1.0%/dpa and ~0.2%/dpa, respectively. Using a model duplex Fe-9Cr-C alloy irradiated at 450 ℃ with 8 MeV Fe+ ions it is shown in this study that a post-transient rate of ~0.2%/dpa is observed in the ferrite phase after an incubation period of ~60 dpa. It is also shown that the ferrite phase attains this rate first, while the tempered martensite phase exhibits a longer transient delay prior to the onset of high-rate swelling.


Self-ion irradiation Austenitic stainless steel Ferritic/martensitic stainless steel Void swelling Light water reactors 



This work is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Laboratory Directed Research and Development funding at Idaho National Laboratory, under contract DE-AC07-05ID14517. We also acknowledge the financial support of the U.S. Department of Energy through the LANL/LDRD Program and the G.T. Seaborg Institute at Los Alamos National Laboratory. We express our appreciation to the Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory at the University of Michigan for providing access to the accelerator and to Ovidiu Toader for conducting the ion irradiation.


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