IASCC Susceptibility of 304L Stainless Steel Irradiated in a BWR and Subjected to Post Irradiation Annealing

  • Justin R. HesterbergEmail author
  • Zhijie Jiao
  • Gary S. Was
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Post-irradiation annealing (PIA) was conducted to investigate the cause of irradiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking (IASCC). The effects of PIA on irradiation hardening, dislocation channel formation, and IASCC susceptibility were examined for a 304L stainless steel irradiated to 5.9 dpa in the Barsebäck-1 reactor (Sweden). The annealing treatments were performed at temperatures in the range 450–600 °C and times ranging from 1–20 h. Longer annealing times and higher temperatures, as represented by iron diffusion distance, resulted in a significant reduction in irradiation hardening. IASCC susceptibility was measured for the as-irradiated and two PIA conditions (500 °C: 1 h and 550 °C: 20 h) via interrupted CERT tests under simulated BWR-NWC conditions. The annealing treatments progressively reduced IASCC susceptibility (as measured by the final intergranular fracture fraction) and dislocation channel density.


IASCC Irradiation Hardening Dislocation channels Post-irradiation annealing Neutron-irradiated Stainless steel 



The authors would like to thank Alex Flick for assistance in operation of the CERT experiments at the Irradiated Materials Testing Laboratory and the University of Michigan. Gratitude is also extended to Maxim Gussev and the technical support staff at the Low Activity Materials Development and Analysis Laboratory at Oak Ridge National Laboratory for assistance with specimen handling and preparation. Support for this project was provided by funding from the Nuclear Energy University Programs (project number: DE-AC07-05ID14517) and under appointment to the Rickover Fellowship Program in Nuclear Engineering sponsored by Naval Reactors Division of the U.S. Department of Energy.


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