Healthcare, Data Analytics, and Business Intelligence

  • Christo El Morr
  • Hossam Ali-Hassan
Part of the SpringerBriefs in Health Care Management and Economics book series (BRIEFSHEALTHCARE)


This chapter introduces the healthcare environment and the need for data analytics and business intelligence in healthcare. It overviews the difference between data and information and how both play a major role in decision-making using a set of analytical tools that can be either descriptive and describe events that have happened in the past, diagnostic and provide a diagnosis, predictive and predict events, or prescriptive and prescribe a course of action.

The chapter then details the components of healthcare analytics and how they are used for decision-making improvement using metrics, indicators and dashboards to guide improvement in the quality of care and performance. Business intelligence technology and architecture are then explained with an overview of examples of BI applications in healthcare. The chapter ends with an outline of some software tools that can be used for BI in healthcare, a conclusion, and a list of references.


Analytics Business Intelligence (BI) Data Information Healthcare analytics Metrics Indicators BI technology BI applications 


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