Compiling and Submitting Your Device Application

  • Gerald B. Halt
  • John C. Donch
  • Amber R. Stiles
  • Lisa Jenkins VanLuvanee
  • Brandon R. Theiss
  • Dana L. Blue


As mentioned in Chap.  3, all medical device Sponsors have an obligation to read and understand the regulations and guidances that apply to their product. Being a conscientious Sponsor, you read and followed all the “rules” and even chatted with the FDA routinely and applied their feedback. You have data … tons of data. Now what? The most exciting (and rigorous) part of your journey is about to begin—your submission. The first thing covered in this chapter is what data the FDA requires in your submission package. The type of data you include in your submission package is dependent on your device class/type and any special regulations for your device and its intended use. Next, labeling is discussed—what you can say and how to say it best so your intended users understand. Unfortunately, there are fees associated with submissions, and in order to keep you from being surprised, this chapter concludes with a section covering the financial side of your submission.


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