Non-Newtonian Steady States for Granular Gases

  • Vicente GarzóEmail author
Part of the Soft and Biological Matter book series (SOBIMA)


This chapter addresses the study of non-Newtonian transport properties of several steady laminar flows in granular gases. As a first step, it analyzes the well-known simple or uniform shear flow where a granular gas under constant shear rate and uniform temperature and density supports a steady state. In this state, collisional cooling compensates locally for viscous heating, hence the viscosity function and the two viscometric functions are nonlinear functions of the coefficient of restitution. Following this, a special class of steady Couette flows is presented. As occurs with the uniform shear flow state, in all flows of this class (referred to as the LTu class) viscous heating is exactly balanced by inelastic cooling leading to a uniform heat flux. While the rheological functions of the LTu flows are identical to those obtained in the uniform shear flow state problem, generalized thermal conductivity coefficients can be identified. Determination of the non-Newtonian transport coefficients is done by following analytical and computational routes. Comparison between theoretical predictions and simulation results shows in general good agreement, even for conditions of strong inelasticity and large velocity and temperature gradients.


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