Navier–Stokes Transport Coefficients for Monocomponent Granular Gases. II. Simulations and Applications

  • Vicente GarzóEmail author
Part of the Soft and Biological Matter book series (SOBIMA)


The theoretical results derived in Chap.  3 for the Navier–Stokes transport coefficients are compared in this chapter with computer simulations carried out by several research groups. The comparison shows generally good agreement even in conditions of strong collisional dissipation. From this we appreciate the ability of kinetic theory to quantitatively capture the influence of dissipation on the transport properties of granular fluids. Once the reliability of granular kinetic theory has been assessed, several interesting applications of this theory are offered. First, a linear stability analysis of the Navier–Stokes hydrodynamic equations is performed to determine the critical size of the system beyond which the homogeneous cooling state becomes unstable. Theoretical predictions compare again very favorably with computer simulations for conditions of practical interest. As a second application, granular hydrodynamics is employed to obtain the temperature and density profiles of a granular fluid in a steady state with gravity. In agreement with simulations and experiments, the theory predicts that the temperature (density) profile as a function of the height of the system presents a minimum (maximum) whose value is determined by the coefficient of normal restitution of the gas. The chapter finishes with a short summary of the theoretical results derived at the level of the Navier–Stokes transport coefficients for other collisional models.


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