Transport Properties for Driven Granular Gases

  • Vicente GarzóEmail author
Part of the Soft and Biological Matter book series (SOBIMA)


Transport properties of granular gases driven by a stochastic bath with friction are determined. This type of thermostats attempt to mimic the effect of the interstitial fluid surrounding the solid particles. As a first step, the steady homogeneous state is analyzed. As with undriven granular gases, it can be seen that the kinetic equation admits a scaled solution where dependence on granular temperature is encoded not only through the scaled velocity \(\mathbf {c}=\mathbf {v}/\upsilon _{\text {th}}\) (\(\upsilon _{\text {th}}\) being the thermal velocity) but also through the (scaled) driven parameters. The Boltzmann kinetic equation is solved then by means of the Chapman–Enskog method around the homogeneous driven state. Momentum and heat fluxes are determined to first-order in the deviations of the hydrodynamic field gradients from their values in the homogeneous steady state. The relevant transport coefficients are identified and compared against computer simulations. Similarly to undriven systems, the theory compares quite well with simulations for conditions of practical interest. Finally, thermal diffusion segregation for driven granular mixtures is also analyzed.


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