Stability Analysis of Discrete-Time Periodic Positive Systems with Delays

  • Tiantong PuEmail author
  • Qinzhen Huang
Part of the Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences book series (LNCIS, volume 480)


Addressed in this paper is the stability issue of discrete-time periodic positive systems with constant delay. The positivity condition of the periodic system with constant delay is given, and three sufficient and necessary conditions for the asymptotic stability of the considered system are established. Note that the positivity condition in this paper is different from that in the Ref. (Bougatef et al, On the stabilization of a class of periodic positive discrete time systems, 2010. [3]), which gives the sufficient condition of the system without delay. The sufficient and necessary condition of the positivity of the system with delay is produced in this paper. Finally, a numerical example is given to demonstrate the effectiveness.


Positive system Periodic system Delay Stability 



This work was partially supported by National Nature Science Foundation (61673016), Innovative Research Team of the Education Department of Sichuan Province (15TD0050), Sichuan Youth Science and Technology Innovation Research Team (2017TD0028).


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