Digital Payments Adoption Research: A Meta-Analysis for Generalising the Effects of Attitude, Cost, Innovativeness, Mobility and Price Value on Behavioural Intention

  • Pushp P. Patil
  • Nripendra P. Rana
  • Yogesh K. DwivediEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology book series (IFIPAICT, volume 533)


The rapid evolution of mobile-based technologies and applications has led to the development of several different forms of digital payment methods (DPMs) but with limited enthusiasm in consumers for adopting them. Hence, several academic studies have already been conducted to examine the role of various antecedents that determines consumers’ intention to adopt DPMs. The degree of effect and significance of several antecedents found to be inconsistent across different studies. This provided us a basis for undertaking a meta-analysis of existing research for estimating the cumulative effect of such antecedents. Therefore, this study aims to perform a meta-analysis of five antecedents (i.e. attitude, cost, mobility, price value and innovativeness) for confirming their overall influence on intentions to adopt DPMs. The results of this study suggest that the cumulative effect of four out of five antecedents found to be significant while influence of price value was found insignificant on behavioural intentions. The recommendations drawn from this research would help to decide if and when to use such antecedents for predicting consumer intention to adopt DPMs.


Adoption Cashless payments Digital payments Meta-analysis Mobile payments 


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  • Pushp P. Patil
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  • Nripendra P. Rana
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  • Yogesh K. Dwivedi
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