Conclusion: Police, Judicial, and Prison Reform

  • Hanna Samir Kassab
  • Jonathan D. Rosen


This chapter concludes the volume with a discussion about the issue of reforming major institutions. It begins with a discussion of the police and the different measures that have been taken to reform the police in various cases. Next, it turns to the issue of the penitentiary system, which requires serious reforms. Some prisons in cases studied in this volume have major issues with overcrowding. Moreover, some prisons, such as in El Salvador and Mexico, have functioned as schools of crime where criminal groups have organized. The chapter then explores the issue of judicial reform. Many countries seeking to combat the high levels of corruption and impunity require judicial reforms. It focuses on the reforms that have occurred in Mexico and highlights some of the major challenges. Moreover, it finishes with an examination of the role of international institutions in helping countries reform their judiciary system.

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