South America

  • Hanna Samir Kassab
  • Jonathan D. Rosen


This chapter explores various cases in South America. It begins by highlighting some of the trends in corruption, focusing on the lack of trust in institutions. The chapter turns to the Odebrecht case, a major bribery scandal, that demonstrates the power of companies to bribe leading politicians throughout the Americas. It then examines the case of Colombia, which has been plagued by high levels of corruption, drug trafficking, and organized crime. The chapter highlights some of the major trends as well as challenges given the peace process between the Colombian government and the largest guerrilla organization. After exploring the evolution of organized crime and the state of the peace process, the chapter then focuses on the case of Venezuela, which has been plagued by an economic collapse, high levels of corruption, organized crime, and violence. Next, it explores the case of Brazil, which has faced a political crisis, including the impeachment of the previous president. The country has also confronted major insecurity challenges and debated the appropriate responses to combat drug trafficking and organized crime.

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