Understand Corporate Culture for a Better Steering Model

  • Paul Maitre
  • Jérôme Raby-Lemoine
  • François VideauEmail author
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Unpredictability being the key-word, continuous transformation is obviously mandatory for most organizations. Transformation programs and projects are launched at an ever-increasing pace.

Most of these transformation programs and projects are focused on Operations, IT systems, processes and indicators, and do not take into account collective subconscious, unspoken thoughts and hidden facts: Corporate culture.

More surprisingly, this finding is also true for Steering model improvement projects. Consulting firms and IT companies are designing and building new reporting processes, Balanced Scorecards or Business Intelligence softwares without even trying to understand what makes any organisation different one from another: its values, its skills, its habits and behaviors.

Based on experience (of hundreds of Transformation projects), our belief is that understanding Corporate culture within a meta-model analysis is a pre-requisite for improving significantly the Steering model or to its components.


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