The Possibilities of Using Modern CASIO CG-50 Graphing Calculators for Volumetric and Complex Calculations, Including Fuzzy Calculations

  • Igor VostroknutovEmail author
  • Yosuke Kaneda
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 896)


The general statement of a choice problem of the effective virtual business relations is formulated and possible ways of decision are defined basing on principles of fuzziness and the analytic hierarchy process. In the article, the computational capabilities of modern CASIO CG-50 graphical calculators are considered for solving complex mathematical problems. It is shown how the task of complex assessment of the state of an object can be solved using the CASIO CG-50 spreadsheets based on the aggregation of numerical values of a complex of indicators using a system of fuzzy inferences (fuzzy classifiers). In particular, we show: the calculation of the values of the membership functions of terms of the linguistic variable “indicator level” for each of the indicators from the initial formulas, the calculation of the numerical value of the linguistic variable, the complex evaluation of the state of the object in accordance with the parameters of the term sets.


Fuzzy calculations CASIO CG-50 graphic calculator Calculation of weights of terms of linguistic variable 


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