Steganography plays an important role in computer science. With the development of technology, steganography technique is used for safe transmission of data in digital media. This technique hides the data in a symbol to prevent its comprehensibility and its solvability, so that it can be safely delivered to the receiver. Steganagrofiq method LSB was used in this study. The gray scaled jpg format was analyzed in the same images, visually unaware, that the data could be stored using the LSB method up to the 4th bit level. It worked on five same jpg but different pixel format images in 1024 × 1024, 512 × 512, 256 × 256, 128 × 128, 64 × 64 pixel sizes. From a visible standpoint, it seems logical in every five views. Histograms were plotted to visualize the differences between the original and the encoded. The rates of different images of the same images were calculated by embedding data, extracting data, comparing the byte and elapsed time, and calculating the distortion rates PSNR, SNR, MSE in the images.


Image processing Steganography LSB method Cover image Hiding secret message Stego-image Extract cover image PSNR SNR MSE 


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