Material Selection Methods: A Review

  • M. B. BabanliEmail author
  • F. Prima
  • P. Vermaut
  • L. D. Demchenko
  • A. N. Titenko
  • S. S. Huseynov
  • R. J. Hajiyev
  • V. M. Huseynov
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Material selection is an important problem attracting theoretical and practical interest. Nowadays, a lot of materials and alloys are designed. In most alloys some properties are good and in compliance with the requirements, but some of them are not acceptable. Generally, for material selection methods it is necessary to have unique synergy of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences data. Scientists used and developed some selection methods due to all of these.


Material selection method Multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) Fuzzy approach methods Z-number 


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  • S. S. Huseynov
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