Methods of Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Anatoly Belous
  • Vitali Saladukha
  • Siarhei Shvedau


The chapter covers investigations of methods and means for the protection of biological and technical objects from the influence of electromagnetic (EM) irradiations both of the natural and artificial (anthropogenic) origin. Detailed are the theoretical and experimental data on the physical mechanisms and consequences of influences of these irradiations on the biological objects. Under consideration are the various designs of the reflective and absorbent protective screens. Special attention is attributed to the peculiarities of formation of multilayer special purpose screens for protection from the static magnetic fields, low frequency (LF) and pulse electromagnetic irradiations, as well as quasi-stationary fields.


Static magnetic fields Pulse electromagnetic irradiations Quasi-stationary magnetic fields Photo-electronic multiplier «killer-satellite» Multilayer protective shields Absorbent materials 


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