Conclusion and Future Scope

  • Meera Ramadas
  • Ajith Abraham
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 152)


This research work has in principle focused on creation of new variants of metaheuristic algorithms like the DE and FPA. The work also highlights the various applications of these new variants, particularly in the field of clustering of data and images. The variant ReDE first explained is compared with 5 classical mutation strategies (DE/best/1, DE/rand/1, DE/best-to-rand/1, DE/best/2, DE/rand/2) and subsequently an analysis is performed based on fifteen standard functions. The statistical analysis is performed to analyse the performance of the variant ReDE.

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  1. 1.Information TechnologyUniversity College of BahrainManamaBahrain
  2. 2.Scientific Network for Innovation and Research ExcellenceMachine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR Labs)AuburnUSA

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