No Liberator Is Crowned King

  • Luigino Bruni
Part of the Virtues and Economics book series (VIEC, volume 4)


Moses, the deliverer from slavery, the one who revealed to the people the name of Elohim and his Law, the only man who spoke with God ‘mouth to mouth’, dies outside of the promised land. YHWH shows it to him from a distance, but he cannot reach it. The Patriarchs of Genesis had died otherwise, surrounded by their wives, sons, daughters, grandchildren, by the many ‘stars’ promised on the day of the call. They die at home, many of them are buried in the same cave of Machpelah, which was the only piece of the promised land owned by Abraham. Moses dies alone with no one to accompany him on the last trip, without the consolation of affections. He dies as he lived, in that lonely and continuous dialogue with the voice that had called him from the bush as he was herding, alone, the flock of Jethro his father-in-law at Horeb; the same voice that spoke to him again on the mountain, in the tent of the meeting, in solitude. We do not know if on that last trip to Mount Nebo the voice continued to talk to him, if it accompanied him or retired as it happened to many prophets who have died in the silence of the voice. Because, the most important happiness is not ours, but that of our children, that of the children of all.

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