The Plagues of Our Invisible Empires

  • Luigino Bruni
Part of the Virtues and Economics book series (VIEC, volume 4)


Each generation should re-read the Exodus to discover and face their own pharaohs and slavehood, long for liberation, recognise the plagues of their own age and leave the land of empires, moving towards the new land of fraternity and justice. In the real passages towards liberation, there is always a moment of the plagues of Egypt, that are the great signs of times in the eras of empires that the pharaohs do not manage to interpret because their “hearts” are hardened. And so, they call for the “magicians” to divine some assuring answers. Exodus tells us, if we can and want to listen to it, that when the empires prove to be reluctant to do good (and they always are, otherwise they wouldn’t be empires), the only salvation available for the oppressed people is flight: leaving behind the land of forced labour in order to make a decisive move towards another land.

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  • Luigino Bruni
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