Housing the Homeless

  • Jaime P. Luque
  • Nuriddin Ikromov
  • William B. Noseworthy


In this chapter, we explain the business model and difficulties of non-profit organizations specialized in providing homeless shelters and housing for homeless and vulnerable populations. We focus on the case of Porchlight, an organization based in Madison, Wisconsin, to highlight the importance of case management, location and development size. We also discuss the main challenges to house different types of homeless people, such as chronic homeless, veteran homeless, and homeless children. Along these discussions, we offer some facts and figures regarding market rents, the barriers to permanent housing for the homeless, and inter-state homeless migration flows for the case of Madison, Wisconsin (Facts and figures are used with permission from Karla Thennes, Executive Director of Porchlight). Throughout this chapter we aim to develop a better sense of the needs of the populations who would ideally live in affordable housing developments, so that developers can be better prepared to create successful plans.


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  • Jaime P. Luque
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  • Nuriddin Ikromov
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  • William B. Noseworthy
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  2. 2.California State UniversitySacramentoUSA
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