A Non-deterministic Approach to Mitigate Replay Attack and Database Attack Simultaneously on Iris Recognition System

  • Richa GuptaEmail author
  • Priti Sehgal
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11278)


Biometric authentication is associated with prevalent security related issues. They compromise with user identity and also make that user characteristic feeble for any further use. Several attack points have been identified in literature and research has been widely carried out on each of them independently. In this paper, we combine two attack points – replay attack and template-based attack. We extend our previous work on robust iris regions to mitigate both these attacks simultaneously. The proposed approach uses cancelable biometrics generation technique. The technique is based on non-invertible transform of the selected robust iris regions. This transformed or cancelable template is used for user authentication. The system attains the EER of 1.75% which is comparable to other state-of-art approaches.


Cancelable biometrics Iris recognition Non-Deterministic approach Replay attack Template attack 



Thanks to Dr. Arpana Sharma, Mathematics Department from Delhi University who assisted to understand the concept of linear transformations.


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