Popular Support and German Democracy; Resilience and Restoration

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Part of the New Perspectives in German Political Studies book series (NPG)


Concluding the book, this chapter returns to the key aims of the study and provides a summary of the key findings of the research. Key descriptive aims were to explore how much support there is in Germany, assess the extent to which it has been dynamic and varies between the east and west. It argues that the evidence challenges suggestions of a widespread legitimacy crisis and reveals a sceptically supportive public. The conclusion also reinforces that there has been some convergence in political outlooks between the east and west, but that important differences remain. A key analytical goal, meanwhile, was to explain how support develops by testing theoretical approaches and weighing the evidence. The conclusion thus pinpoints where short- and long-term factors are at work and how these mediate support for different objects of the political system. Finally, the conclusion offers some closing reflections on the impact of the findings for the present condition and future trajectory of German democracy.

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