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Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 101)


The results of experimental research and analysis of the level of adhesion in layered systems made of cement composites in a multi-scale approach are the subject of the book. In order to compare the results of multithreaded measurements, including those obtained at different scales, the research covered model layered systems, that included an overlay with a thickness of 25–60 mm, made in all cases of cement mortar with a maximum grain size of quartz aggregate equal to 2 mm, and also a substrate made of concrete with a maximum grain size of basalt crushed aggregate equal to 8 mm. The experimental work has been carried out in four stages, in which the measurement has been performed at various scales (macro, meso, micro and nano). The research program in subsequent stages has been elaborated on using the author’s experience that has been gained while implementing the earlier stages.

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