A Dynamic Load Balancing Strategy Based on HAProxy and TCP Long Connection Multiplexing Technology

  • Wei LiEmail author
  • Jinwei Liang
  • Xiang Ma
  • Bo Qin
  • Bang Liu
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 891)


A load balancing strategy based on HAProxy and TCP long connection multiplexing technology is proposed to solve the waste of network resources caused by TCP requests in the data storage module of electrical energy management system. First, based on the load capacity and processing capacity of the cluster server, a server with the best performance is selected to establish a long connection. Then the proposed TCP long connection multiplexing technology is used to reuse different TCP requests to this long TCP connection. Experiments show that this strategy not only enhances the processing capacity of the server, but also dynamically selects the best server. Compared with the default load balancing strategy in HAProxy, it has higher feasibility and stability.


Multiplexing of TCP Load balancing HAProxy 



This work was supported by Shaanxi Province Technical Innovation Guide Special Project (2018SJRG-G-03) and Shaanxi education department industrialization project (16JF024).


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  • Wei Li
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  • Jinwei Liang
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  • Xiang Ma
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  • Bo Qin
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  • Bang Liu
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