A Special Form of Free Will: Parallel Watching of Different ‘Movies,’ but with Different Levels of Awareness

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A plethora of possibilities of making experiences exist, and consciousness decides on how much emphasis to put on which realities (see Chap.  4). Chapter 6 therefore argues that consciousness is indeed executing free will, albeit in a special form. Traditionally, there has been considerable ‘dispute’ over the question of free will, and different philosophical positions continue to coexist. Chapter 6 builds upon chaps.  2 5 and argues that under the conditions of the clustered-minds multiverse, some of those ‘disputes’ disappear: Whereas the world (as a total) is deterministic (indeed, the Schrödinger equation is!), people have an impact on how much consciousness will reside in which reality. This has consequences for the traditional classifications into libertarians, compatibilists, incompatibilists etc. Chapter 6 also contains three boxes discussing whether quantum brain biology offers an alternative possibility to ‘save free will,’ whether special forms of free will may also arise from top-down decoherence and subjective selection of the preferred basis, and whether as well as how reallocations of consciousness across realities might take place from time to time.

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