Interdisciplinary Evidence for the Multiverse, Including a Detailed Analysis of What Time Is

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Building up on Chapter 2’s mainly physical analysis, this chapter chooses an interdisciplinary perspective and aims at re-interpreting the famous Libet results showing that physiological processes are preceding conscious decisions – normally taken to imply an impossibility of free will. Closely related, it looks at experimental findings on anticipatory physiological responses that might be seen as inconsistent with (classical) physics. The chapter also contains a detailed discussion of different concepts of time in physics. The chapter will then suggest that different times are parallel and that this might solve the Libet puzzle and might offer a framework for anticipatory physiological responses. Furthermore, the joint framework for anticipatory physiological responses and the existence of an actual free will turn out to be the multiverse. This chapter is intended to be an interdisciplinary ‘proof’ of the multiverse. The chapter also contains two boxes. One box addresses some objections against the notion of parallel times that might possibly arise from the second law of thermodynamics and offers a new view of the problem. The other box deals with criticism that others have raised with respect to seeing consciousness at the core of the measurement problem. Their objections will be countered.

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