Why the Multiverse Is the Most Parsimonious Way of Interpreting Quantum Mechanics

  • Christian D. SchadeEmail author


This chapter is the first of three crafting the theory of the multiverse interpretation suggested in this book: the clustered-minds multiverse, and constituting Part I of the book. Chapter 2 deals with the measurement problem of quantum mechanics and the resulting interpretation problem; it also concerns itself with the principle of decoherence and suggests a new perspective on it. It finally shows that, according to physical theory, the multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics is the most parsimonious of the proposed interpretations (even though slightly less parsimonious as claimed by authors belonging to the Oxford interpretation). The chapter contains two ‘boxes.’ One box deals with the question whether quantum correlations (or decoherence) are to be interpreted top-down or bottom-up, i.e., whether those correlations might start within consciousness. The other box discusses the question whether the multiverse interpretation is able to solve the locality problem of quantum mechanics. The chapter ends with presenting and discussing some objections others have raised against the multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics as well support that has been crafted in favor of it.

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